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We partner with top tier Management Consulting firms and our platform was built to offer new and valuable insights to increase corporate performances.
Here you can find some contributes that highlight the relevance of an innovative management of the organizational dimension in order to face the complexity of the business environment.

Managerial Framework

This Paper contains useful and interesting arguments that support how to manage the organizational dimension is, today, the most important source of competitive advantage.
To win this challenge in a complex environment Companies need to adopt a data-driven approach linked with easy-implementable solutions.

What makes Organizations work effectively

Yves Morieux on 6 rules at TED@BCG San Francisco: “When people cooperate they use less resources …”

What makes Organizations work effectively

Yves Morieux on 6 rules at TED@BCG San Francisco: “When people cooperate they use less resources …”

A smart approach to perform Organizational Network Analysis

New technicalities and tools to affect productivity of Companies and improve the performance of value creation

Talent Management

Discover how to add a network perspective to Talent Programs

Mergers & Acquisitions

Map the organizational network of merging entities

Change Management

Identify the best Agents of

Organizational Performance

Act on interactions to strengthen the Organization

Team Developement

Map Project Teams within the Organization

Knowledge Management

Break silos, remove bottlenecks, create ‘bridges’

Organizational Network Analysis

ONA in a simple descriptive summary

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about HOW4.
Is there a limit on the number of nodes that the analysis can include?

HOW4 allows you analyse large and complex Organizations (more than 3.000.000 connections analysed).

What metrics can I compute with HOW4?

More than 20 quantitative indicators are calculated. For different organizational layers, they analyze the level of Cooperation
within the company, the Centrality of resources and Team and the Managerial Style within the group.

Do you provide professional support for reading results?
Sure! We assist our clients in the complete reading and interpretation of the results emerged from the analysis contextualising
them with a critical and managerial sense.
What is the commitment required to do the Project?
The willingness to…
– Face the organizational challenge to improve the execution of the business strategy,
– Undertake a “path of change”,
– Improve the organization efficiency,
– Increase the engagement of its resources and their productivity
– Preserve the competitive positioning of your business.
We’ll take care of the rest!
What’s the meaning for “Retainer Fee”?
It’s a Pricing adjustment reserved for Companies that have decided to perform an ONA project with HOW4 approved by the Organization’s CEO.
In this case, the Project will just focus on the features indicated on the Pricing list. A summary Report of analysis will be shown in a dedicated meeting. After that, the Company can decide whether to have access to the complete results – and pay the remaining amount for the project – or not.
Where do you store/process data? How can I ensure I comply with the EU's data privacy regulations?
Our servers are located in Europe. Please contact us to discuss executing our Data Processing Agreement that contains the appropriate EU Model Clauses.
How long can I access surveys for?
We offer our customers a detailed report of analysis and the ability to independently access to the HOW4 platform to view the complete analysis. This access will be available for 12 months from the Project start date.

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