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Look for valuable results and not simply for a solution based on price

To create value using HOW4 a project should start if there is the commitment to improve how the organization works using the enormous amount of insights that will be obtained.
For this reason, we price the project differently (with a “Retainer Fee” mechanism) if the CEO is “on board”.
Our service includes the support of Management Consultants that will prepare a detailed report to better understand the outcomes of the analysis together with some training/brain storming sessions to read the results.
Moreover, we also give access to the full dataset on our platform together with a dedicated account on a BI tool, like Tableau Software.

Find out how organization works

More than 12 languages managed, 15% fee increase for each language requested exceeding 2, as proxy of Organizational complexity to be analyzed

HOW4 + HOW Targets
Find out how organization works and read the business network in relation to strategic objectives

Retainer Fee*
(CEO approval required)

(*) If the project has the CEO’s approval you can just pay a Retainer Fee to have the project done. Then, after we have presented you a summary of the results, you can decide whether to have full access to them by paying the remaining fees.


Features includeHOW4HOW TargetsRetainer fee
(1) Set up surveyokokok
(2) Launch surveyokokok
(3) Help Desk (chat, phone)okokok
(4) Summary Report of analysisok
(5) Detailed Report of analysisokokIf Approved Only
(6) Results Presentation MeetingokokIf Approved Only
(7) Access to platformHOW4HOW4 + HOW TargetsIf Approved Only
(8) Training Sessions1+1If Approved Only
(9) Access to BI account to read/cross dataokokIf Approved Only
(10) List of customized DashboardsokokIf Approved Only


By becoming a valued HOW4 Partner, you will enjoy a wider range of benefits

HOW4 has reimagined the traditional “Managerial and Organizational Audit activity”, usually done with time consuming interviews.
If you are a Top Consulting Management Firm with a clear regional or industry focus and you are interested in partnering with us, let’s talk!

 Certified PartnerExclusive Partner
Webinar-based Trainingokok
Training Materialsokok
Demo-tool Accessokok
Sales Support Materialsokok
Technical Support Deskokok
Specific Sales support on case-by-case basisok
Results Analysis Supportok
Exclusive Sale Concession for selected countriesok

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