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The proliferation of heavy organizational structures undermine business efficiency and company’s result orientation.

Promoting cooperation among People/Teams path the way to innovation, productivity and organization agility.

The tool and methodology to face this challenge is the Organizational Network Analysis (ONA): the starting point for understanding how make strategies a reality.


What makes organizations work effectively

Yves Morieux on 6 rules at TED@BCG San Francisco: “When people cooperate they use less resources …”

A smart approach to perform Organizational Network Analysis

New technicalities and tools to affect productivity of Companies and improve the performance of value creation

Talent Management

Discover how to add a network perspective to Talent Programs

Mergers & Acquisitions

Map the organizational networks of merging entities

Change Management

Identify the best Agents of Change

Organizational Performance

Act on interactions to strengthen the Organization

Team Developement

Map Project Teams within the Organization

Knowledge Management

Break silos, remove bottlenecks, create ‘bridges’

Organizational Network Analysis

ONA in a simple descriptive summary


  • It is a good proxy of the speed at which information circulates within the organization. It can be computed as the sum of existing links within a group or subgroup / maximum number of possible links).
  • It is a complex calculation that helps  investigating the level of centrality.
  • It measures how much an Employee/Team is in the middle of the workflow and connects different actors in the organization that would otherwise be disconnected.
  • Analyzes the length of the shortest path between the actor examined and all other nodes in the organization’s network
  • The more central the node is, the closer it is to all the others
  • If this index is = 1, it means that the node has direct connections with all the others (one-to-one)
  • Mutual links are relationships that have been reported by a person and confirmed by co-workers.
  • A high percentage of confirmed links means that the relationships between colleagues are clear and that efficiency is high.

Gaining High Performance with Organizational Intelligence

Without a full organization coordination, it is common to have inefficiencies, wasted man hours, lost sales and unfulfilled customer expectation. Today inefficiencies should not be accepted anymore: it has been always hard to locate and fix them, in...

Making collaboration work across functions

Digital technology is penetrating the labor force, but, although many consumers have already gone digital, the digitization of jobs, tasks and activities, is still in the early stages. According to a recent study by McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), even...

How to identify, recruit, develop and retain the best persons in the organization?

It is quite common that a few key roles have a particularly strong impact on the overall company success. In the past, it was quite difficult to understand who were those high performers, and much of the effort in recruiting and retaining was assigned to...

Complexity, Disengagement, Productivity and Cooperation. There is a solution.

Firms are facing an increasingly complex world. Technologies and Globalization have opened up new markets and enabled new competitors. Options to choose from abound, Clients are harder to satisfy and more demanding than ever. Each day competitive advantage...

How many Direct Reports? How-4 to analyse the ‘Span of Control’ from different perspectives.

In its "traditional" calculation, the concept of "Span of Control" refers to the number of subordinates a manager has. Certainly being able to investigate the Formal Organization vs the Informal one this number can greatly vary. It will be interesting to...

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